Sunday, April 19, 2009

A bit about my art:

I was fortunate enough to have been voted as this month's featured artist on Creative Souls.

It is an amazing site created by the one and only Izabella. So many artists there and i have made some lovely friends in the short space of time I have been there.

Come see for yourself - it's so worth the visit.

So in order to show the members what my art is about I had to move fast and produced this video to explain what it is I do.

Hope you enjoy it.


Lumilyon said...

Beautiful video and a well-deserved award x

Kim said...

Lovely Judy, it just highlights your art so well. If this is what you do quickly, what could you do with a little time to spare? Congrats on the featured artist spot on Creative Souls you certainly deserve it.

Chrisy said...

You clever's fabulous!

Efrat Dalton said...

Absolutely beautiful!
I was very touched and inspired by your art. I’m an Israeli that leave in the US and was wondering where did you get all the Israeli materials that you have been using?
Your definitely a creative soul and well deserve the award congratulations.
Efrat Dalton

Lynn said...

Lovely and so tastefully done Judy.

Judy, have you ever thought to do a piece on the Israel/Palentine problems of today? I saw a documentory recently that really moved me about an Israeli mother who lost her daughter to a same age teenaged Palentinian girl suicide bomber...and her work to connect with that other mother. I think there are more stories there. And perhaps art can help?

Lynn said...

Palestine oops.

Jen Crossley said...

Awesome slide show and well deserved award Judy.Your work is really outstanding,the time,research involved in each piece is totally amazing and a tribute to you and your amazing talents

azirca said...

This showcases your stunning work so well Judy. Congrats on being this months featured artist, well deserved.

Nikki Lee Anne Ghilain said...

Congratulations! The video is amazing.....what a gift to be able to bring true soul and might I say.... many tears to your viewers. Your work,words and music so beautifully mixed to cause a major heart's a good thing....all art should invoke this feeling! It is a rare gift and you have it!

Leslie said...


This video is wonderful. I never get tired of seeing your work.


JudyK said...

I always love to see your work. The wall piece made me gasp!
Congratulations again for Creative Souls spot. I love that group.

Seth said...

Excellent video. And it was great to see all those familiar shots from your body of work.

Lani Gerity said...

Beautiful and so wonderful to have all the work in one place. Very inspiring. I wonder what you will do next?