Monday, June 29, 2009

"Seeking Sara"
An Evidence Based Mixed Media Art Journey
Part 2

Choosing this book for its pertinence to my story of Sara’s life

It’s called Character Sketches of Romance Fiction and the Drama.

Well there was plenty of drama involved here.

To make it an evidence journal/book I decided to add and adapt a shadow box or small printer’s tray. I had found one in the USA that Michael fell in love with and adapted for one of his classes.

But this one was even smaller.

I had elements that I had already created

And some that were yet to be created

Since the box was in a raw form, I painted and altered it to suit my needs.

I created a lot of blank mini books which will serve to record different bits of evidence that I may stumble across in my search for Sara.

The mini books are all hand made and bound to the same specifications as a larger book.

The main book houses both the evidence box

And it’s components

On the left under the cover I created a fronts-piece

Which tells part of the story within

Sandwiched between two pieces of acrylic, the elements used are some of the elements I had from my last Italy trip.

Within the box one finds many individual elements , mostly found, like these mini watchmakers tins that I intend to add finds in Italy.

Adding and combining elements that have been repaired and or altered to serve my purpose.

This piece was a tattered and broken mini Victorian photo album

I repaired the pages, stuck most of them together and added the aged initials of Sara

I added some embossed velvet and left part of it open so I can use it like a shrine when I find the right pieces to add to it in Italy.

Then I will complete it by adding some glass or mica.

The spine was re-done as there was none when I purchased the book.

Mini vials were altered and chained together so I can add items from the journey

I decided to take an old Mezuzah with me, maybe as proof of who this is about, maybe for protection

But maybe I will place it somewhere and leave it in Italy, I am not sure but it needed housing, so I had a very old leather key chain which I cut apart, resewed and measured to size my mezuzah in. The leather was already split so I decided that that would be the pocket in which rests my Mezuzah.

I had a small copy of Shakespeare’s “The Merchant Of Venice” so I wanted to bring that along.

But I hated the vinyl cover it had so I re-covered it in a leather more apt to my piece.

Small paper parcels were created to add notes if necessary

Now since this post has taken hours to upload because blogger has decided to fail on me, I will stop here and update again soon.



MB Shaw said...

I know I say this every time (!), but this is the coolest. I especially love the use of the printers draw/shadow box. And those tiny books have to be the cutest thing I have ever seen.

La Dolce Vita said...

absolutely amazing work!

stregata said...

It is already so beautiful, it takes my breath away!! So awesome!!

Crystal said...

Spectacular! Absolutely leaves me speechless and takes my breath away!

Julie Prichard said...

Wow's one thing to look at your beautiful art...but to see those pieces you are creating on such a small scale...amazing!

Sharon said...

I continue to be totally fascinated with your ART. In awe!

alpenhimmel said...

This leaves me absolutely breathless. I want to be the person who discovers this book of treasures in a hundred years and learns the story you've left behind. It's wonderful!

Maija said...

OMG, Judy! This is just brilliant! I am so amazed by the creativity that goes into every part if this evidence box. You are fabulous!

Diana Cohen said...

Absolutely stunning! I so admire all the fine detail of your pieces! You obviously take endless time and care in each of your creations. I aspire to be as patient, talented, and imaginative as you some day.

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Judy, I am awestruck with this project. I just want to touch it, and not just look at photos. But alas, Cortona is out of my reach... though its the place on earth I dream most of visiting (ever since reading Frances Mayes). Maybe one day. In the meantime, thank you for posting photos so we all can enjoy your creativity. (:

Corrine said...

I adore shadow boxes, and printer's drawers. I have several myself, but I have never seen one so small. It looks fantastic, and the pieces you have filled it with look awesome.

Chris in Oz said...

WOW!!! Fabulous as usual. I follow your blog on a regular basis, but don't usually comment. I just wanted to give something back for all the pleasure and inspiration you've given to the rest of the world. Thanks you so much for sharing your journeys with us.


Carol said...

This is one of the most beautiful and inspirational blogs I have found. Your imagination, story telling, attention to detail, craftsmanship is truly amazing. Oh to be taking part in your course...

gina armfield said...

drool drool lust lust if only I could win the lottery ;)

Jen Crossley said...

YOur amazing Judy, great eye for detail takes your work to that higher level

Studio Sylvia said...

Beautiful, inspiring narrative. A moment in time.
Thank you Judy.

Kim said...

Hi Judy, really love all the planning, inspiration and effort that you have put into the details for this piece. Great individual elements to make the whole. Looking forward to seeing more of course!

Judith. Santa Fe said...

of treasures here.
(I especially love the little
leather books . . .)


Cindy Dean said...

God you are so talented....I love this...

Carmi said...

Ahhhh Judy,
This I would like to hold.
I would have a very hard time not opening everything....

Ro Bruhn said...

You're work is always a step ahead of the rest, just amazing Judy and so inspiring, even for someone who's as passionate about colour as I am.

Judy said...

Thank you so much everyone.
It is so gratifying to get all your comments about this piece.
I very much appreciate the time you take to write comments.
It means alot to me.

azirca said...

You know, whenever I visit your blog I am truly lost for words when I see your creations... there just doesn't seem to be enough fantastically amazing words to be able to describe it.
Your talent has no bounds.

Robyn said...


Anonymous said...

Just wonderful Judy! I'm really enjoying the progression. Thank you for all your work uploading the photos..the part I hate the most. ; )

Lani Gerity said...

Sigh! It's all that everyone has said and it's also like coming home! Thank you for all you do!

Poetic Artist said...

Stunning, wonderful, amazing.
Beautiful..Oh words can not express.

Karen Cole said...

Ahhhh, those Italian memories. So beautifully put together. Bellisima.

I've got a little something for you to view over at my place. I believe it will still be there in August.

Happy 4th!

Seth said...

I always run out of words when I read through one of your posts highlighting a new work. Just incredible!

Pearl Maple said...

Beautiful, the cover just drew me in knowing that you would have lots of layers full of meaning tucked inside. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us all.

Lee Anne said...

Judy.....what can I say but......more please!

DonnaWatsonArt said...

I love looking at the old books, boxes and all the found objects.
you have cool stuff!

layers said...

I am new to the blog world and I just found out that I did not leave my last comment correctly and since I enjoy looking at all your old books and boxes and bundles, I am leaving another comment with the correct link to my blog this time.

diane said...

Thank you so much for giving us all the details in this wonderful work of art. Every little nook and cranny has a story =)
I have known about you, but not really traveled to your blog. But, fate has me here today.
I will add you to my blogroll, as hopefully, someday...I will be able to take one of your classes!

Judy Keefe said...

Gosh..I could jhust keep coming back.. know how much I looove your blog and appreciagte you sharing so much of it so I hope you will accept..yet another award! I know you are busy so I would understand but you deserve it! If you want to read about's on my blog,
p.s. I'm working on trying to get you here in the New England

Marie-Aimée said...

fantastic and so beautiful

Karin Bartimole said...

this is my first visit here, via Seth, and oh my am I thrilled to have been guided to you! This is absolutely stunning. Thank you for revealing all the beautiful details and elements. I truly felt as if I were sitting down and slowly exploring each piece and every nuance. The next best thing to actually holding and touching... exquisite!